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Want To Become A Board Member and make a difference?

                             Want to provide input into how our league should grow and succeed?

Got ideas on what we could do better?

                               Are you willing to donate your time and effort to make the program successful?

If any of these sound appealing to you NGSA is always looking for dedicated, potential Board Members to join the league. NGSA could not exist without this group of volunteers. We are a working board and are always looking for individuals who want to join us. If you have interest in joining the NGSA board and/or finding out more about what the NGSA board does please contact President, Jennifer Thompson. 

Click Here for more information about the Board Member Positions

Name Position(s) Email Home Phone# Cell Phone#
Jennifer Thompson
  • President
[email protected]   317.289.4611
Darren Bauer
  • Vice President
  • Fall Ball Commissioner
  • 14U Commissioner
[email protected]     317.654.7762 
Brandie Laudig
  • Treasurer
 [email protected]
  • Comptroller
  • Concessions
[email protected]
Jennifer Thompson
  • Travel Commissioner
[email protected]    
  • Field Director
[email protected]      
Melissa Lawson
  • Secretary 
  • Pictures
  • Awards
[email protected]
Alex Gates
  • High School Commissioner
  • Equipment Manager
[email protected]    317.922.8748
  • All-Star Commissioner
[email protected]      
Shawn Kauzlick
  • 12U Commissioner
[email protected]     317.417.5649   
  • 8U Commissioner 
Natalie Morrow
  • Uniforms
[email protected]   
  • Commissioners 10U; UIC (Umpire in Charge); Scheduling; Public Relations/Social Media; Umpire in Charge (UIC)

Field Status

Open Open

Noblesville (06:18 AM | 09/27/18)

Open Open

Field 1 (10:00 AM | 09/13/18)

Open Open

Field 2 (10:00 AM | 09/13/18)

Open Open

Field 3 (10:00 AM | 09/13/18)

Open Open

Field 4 (10:00 AM | 09/13/18)

Open Open

Varsity (06:18 AM | 09/27/18)

Open Open

JV (06:18 AM | 09/27/18)